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I know the stories that so many of us share, the threads that weave us together as women. We give our all to our families, friends, to our careers, to the world that asks so much of us. 

Then come the changes - divorce, career shifts, motherhood, menopause - and we're left standing in unfamiliar territory. We look in the mirror and wonder "who the hell am I?". 

We've spent so long catering to others needs and dreams that we've forgotten the vibrant, passionate women we once were, the dreams we held for ourselves. It's a strange dissonance, like forgetting the melody of your favourite song. 

But the future is still unwritten - there's time, and no better time, to remember the woman you are, to uncover your passions, reignite your purpose and reclaim your identity.

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Remember that spark you used to have? The passion for your dreams? It's still there!


Are you looking for a community that supports you in rediscovering who you are? Do you want to rediscover your identity, reignite your passions and reimagine your future? Wuum® is my membership based app for ambitious women who are reimagining their lives. Wuum® is a network for you to connect to and a place to feel the weight of expectation lifted.  You have access to lots of resources, monthly coaching and monthly networking, as well as chatrooms where you can dip in and out of conversations that make a difference. 

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Rediscover what makes you, you! We'll work together to uncover what has been lost in the hustle of life, reconnect to your potential, create a strategy for thriving and tackle any barriers or beliefs, leaving you utterly confident in achieving your dreams.

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"After working with you I landed a new job in a leadership position earning £20k more a year!"

Client Stories

"Feeling really grateful to have you support me during this crazy journey called life"

Client Stories

"Nova is an extremely understanding, empathetic and knowledgable coach"

Client Stories

"It's been a wild year and I just wanted to thank you for being so so incredible. You taught me so many things that it's hard to put into words. I appreciate your existence in my life"

Client Stories

"God you're annoyingly good"

Client Stories

"Working with you has been a life changing experience. From the moment I met you, you immediately created a safe space that allowed me to be incredibly candid about the challenges I was experiencing".

Client Stories

"Nova just got me straight away, she listened and knew exactly what was getting in the way of me achieving what I needed"

Client Stories

"I instantly felt comfortable and connected with Nova. She was down to earth and understood my situation"

Client Stories



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