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impact with integrity

Unlock your bright future and overcome self-doubt. 

Fear-based thoughts and emotions often hold us back, causing us to question our worth and fear failure. Together we'll tackle these mental barriers and help you flourish because overcoming them is crucial to your success.

I'll guide you in nurturing self-trust, easing the need for external approval, and dispelling doubt and confusion. With renewed self-assurance, you'll be able to confidently express your authentic self and maximise your impact as a leader - without losing any of your integrity!

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Ready to stop your mind from undermining your potential, so you can make an impact?

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These sessions help you to position yourself as a leader so you can have impact with integrity. You'll come away with a clear understanding of your values and vision and know how to use these with confidence and clarity to stand out in your field.

Leadership Branding

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Work with me one to one to create a personal strategy for your growth and development as a Leader or Entrepreneur.  I work with you on a deep level to transform your beliefs, self image and self trust so you can make an impact.

Positive Potential Journey

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"Working with you has been a life changing experience. From the moment I met you, you immediately created a safe space that allowed me to be incredibly candid about the challenges I was experiencing".

"It's been a wild year and I just wanted to thank you for being so so incredible. You taught me so many things that it's hard to put into words. I appreciate your existence in my life"

"Thank you for being just so good at what you do. These past 18 months or so just wouldn't have been the same without our sessions"

"Nova is an extremely understanding, empathetic and knowledgable coach"

"Feeling really grateful to have you support me during this crazy journey called life"

"God you're annoyingly good"

"I'm incredibly grateful for the influence you had on the team and company"

"After working with you I landed a new job in a leadership position earning £20k more a year!"



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