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When big stuff happens, or when change is afoot, it's easy for your normal sense of comfort around who you are and what you are good at, to be put under a *bit* of strain.

Let's just say it's not as easy as it used to be to feel confident!

With each new cycle in our lives we experience an ending as well as a beginning, we can get caught in the gap between who we were 'before' and not yet knowing who we are 'after'. This can happen at many points in our lives, a career change, after a major relationship breaks down, after becoming a mother, during menopause, after illness, or any number of big shifts that we can experience as we go through life.

Being caught in this gap can feel very disorientating and overwhelming, but I'm here to help you!

I have no idea what I really want from my life anymore! Who the hell am I now?!

When knowing who you are is under strain, it can feel like you are constantly recalibrating the map to point in a new direction, leaving you feeling disorientated.

You might not know what path to tread, you just know that 'here' is tinged with a nagging sense of discontentment, like you are a racehorse tied up at the fence of a children's birthday party, everyone unaware of how much you want to just gallop and feel like you again. 

You are in a constant tug of war, balancing societal expectations and personal ambitions, often feeling guilty for prioritising one over the other. There is a sense of seclusion as you battle with this internally and wonder if anyone else understands. 

The good news is - I understand, and I know exactly how to help you connect with yourself again and figure out the right path to tread.

I work with you to help you regain your spark, to reclaim your passions and to know what you want

Unless you know what's important to you, you are not fully free to move forward and grow


Our connections and relationships are what allow us to fail and feel pain without being destroyed


Knowing your worth ensures your authenticity isn't triggered


Personal responsibility keeps self-sabotage in check and provides a fail safe from ego taking up the position of power


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For those who want to go a bit deeper and work with me for longer I offer a 6 month option too.

Package includes:
  • Welcome package
  • Initial 90 min session
  • Further 9 x 60 min sessions
  • Voxer micro-coaching between sessions (access to me via voice notes and videos)
  • Addition belief clearing sessions
  • £3000

1:1 Coaching - 6 months

book a chemistry call

I work with individuals one to one via zoom (or in person in my Bedfordshire based practice).

Package includes:
  • Initial 90 min session
  • 5 x 60 min further sessions 
  • Additional Belief clearing sessions
  • Voxer micro-coaching between sessions (voice notes)
  • £2000

1-1 Coaching - 3 months

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"After working with you I landed a new job in a leadership position earning £20k more a year!"

Client Stories

"Feeling really grateful to have you support me during this crazy journey called life"

Client Stories

"Nova is an extremely understanding, empathetic and knowledgable coach"

Client Stories

"It's been a wild year and I just wanted to thank you for being so so incredible. You taught me so many things that it's hard to put into words. I appreciate your existence in my life"

Client Stories

"God you're annoyingly good"

Client Stories

"Working with you has been a life changing experience. From the moment I met you, you immediately created a safe space that allowed me to be incredibly candid about the challenges I was experiencing".

Client Stories

"Nova just got me straight away, she listened and knew exactly what was getting in the way of me achieving what I needed"

Client Stories

"I instantly felt comfortable and connected with Nova. She was down to earth and understood my situation"

Client Stories



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