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I, alongside my small team of experts, help companies create a culture that supports the growth of their people. 

We do this through a mixture of listening to what's working and what's not and then supporting you to make beneficial changes via our coaching and training based solutions.

Empowering individuals and teams to create and express an amazing company culture.


We have an initial consultation period where we look at current issues and collaborate to find desired outcomes

Step 1

We create a roadmap for your objectives and training that supports this. Recordings are placed in a learning hub to access anytime

Step 2

We offer your employees coaching surgeries so they can book in for a session with a coach/therapist

Step 3

Additional support for the Leadership Team is available as well as Team specific training

Step 4

how it works

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We help you design the personal development initiatives that will actually work for your specific culture and people so no more time, energy and money wasted on trying the latest things without knowing for sure it will work for you. 

Our work is tailored to your individual and company objectives but the themes we tend to focus on fall into these key

  • Corporate wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Organisational Culture
  • Organisational Change
  • Performance
  • Leadership

Strategic Thought Partnership

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We often find that employees only share what they feel is safe to share. These unspoken issues could be the difference between a team that functions well and one that is held back by hidden challenges.

Throughout the Positive Potential® process, we establish a confidential and trustworthy relationship with you and your team, which allows everyone to candidly share their challenges.

A Trusted Partner

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Ben knew that some of the relationships at work weren't working, but he wasn't sure what to do next or how to ensure that everyone felt heard. We worked together to find strategies for communication that solved the issues and ultimately transformed company culture.

I instantly felt comfortable and connected with Nova. She was down to earth and understood my situation".

Amit understood that something was holding him back, people listened to him but then didn't seem to follow through on action. We got to the heart of the problem quickly and with a few honest conversations and tweaks to communication, output increased hugely.

"Nova just got me straight away, she listened and knew exactly what was getting in the way of me achieving what I needed".

Farah was a highly ambitious leader when I met her but had turned down a C-Suite role. We worked together to help her understand what was important to her and the impact she wanted to make as a leader. Farah is now having a huge influence across the company as Chief People Officer.

"Nova challenges and helps guide, coach and mentor me. I would highly recommend her to grow in your career".

When Amy started working with me she was already doing really well but she lacked confidence in her ability to be seen and heard as the authority that she was. Whilst working together Amy was headhunted by 4 global companies and is now Director of Communications for a Global business. .

"Forever grateful for the introduction to you, one of the most important relationships in my life".

real life

Success Stories

"After working with you I landed a new job in a leadership position earning £20k more a year!"

Client Stories

"Feeling really grateful to have you support me during this crazy journey called life"

Client Stories

"Nova is an extremely understanding, empathetic and knowledgable coach"

Client Stories

"It's been a wild year and I just wanted to thank you for being so so incredible. You taught me so many things that it's hard to put into words. I appreciate your existence in my life"

Client Stories

"God you're annoyingly good"

Client Stories

"Working with you has been a life changing experience. From the moment I met you, you immediately created a safe space that allowed me to be incredibly candid about the challenges I was experiencing".

Client Stories

"Nova just got me straight away, she listened and knew exactly what was getting in the way of me achieving what I needed"

Client Stories

"I instantly felt comfortable and connected with Nova. She was down to earth and understood my situation"

Client Stories



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